The Ultimate Cordless, 
Portable Shaver!
  • Small & Portable 
  • Convenient & Safe 
  • Available for Android & iPhone 
  • Great for Quick Grooming 
  • Gentle on Skin 
  • Conveniently Stores Clippings 

Convenient, Portable, Always Ready!
Conveniently stores clippings, keeping them off of you and your clothes.
The perfect travel companion fits into any travel case or your pocket!
Use Mighty Groom in your car, at the airport, office, or anywhere when you need a quick, close shave.
Get 2 Mighty Grooms for the Price of 1! Offer Not Available in Stores!
"With Mighty Groom, I get a close shave, whether I'm in an airport bathroom, my car, or my hotel room and I always show up to meetings looking great!"
"I shave in the morning and by the time I get off work my face is already feeling rough. Mighty Groom gives me the precision I need for those touch ups between work and night life." 
Gentle on the most sensitive skin yet powerful  enough to shave tough whiskers and trim beards!